structural geology

The first basement of my experience is fully packed of field and structural studies covering most of Algeria from PR (Pre-Cambrian) basement to neotectonics of the Quaternary formations, through Paleozoic cover in Sahara and Ceno-Mezozoic of the Alpine zone in North Algeria, with their MCC (Metamorphic Core Complexes) within the internal zone.
In addition, during this period I carried out specialised studies related to petroleum exploration, mining, water underground and earthquake deformations, (up to 1996, from # 1 to #40 in my CV).

One of my achievement is the structural study of the Grande Kabylie area with the discovery of the “crocodile nappe” of SABN (Sidi Ali Bou Nab) sheared granite and it is synmetamorphic aureole as illustrated in the fig. above of this post.

Another achievement I am proud of is the discovery of the huge underground water reservoir, estimated of about 60 Billion M3 water, i.e. bigger than the biggest water bam on earth. It is located within a flower structure of the Djurdjura massif in Algeria. Structural studies lead to this result, see Fig. just right above.

Figure illustrating the crocodile nappe of the sheared granit of SABN massif in Grande Kabylie (Algeria), from A. Saadallah, 2017, “La Grande Kabylie dans le contexte Algérien vue par les Géosciences” Editions Ingese, Algiers

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