Exploring thanks to performant PQWT detectors

During April 2017, I spent a week in Changsha (China), full of discussions, discoveries, demonstrations in labs, factories and in the fields with colleagues from PQWT (http://www.pqwtcs.com/).

It is a Research and Development Co of geophysical machines to prospect and analyze the underground. The devices are conceived, designed and manufactured at the very place, from A to Z; a serious advantage which allows PQWT to quickly improve the products at any time.

These devices are more and more sold in China and globally.

PQWT maintains close contact with clients to help collect and interpret data, in this regard I got the contract becoming PQWT expert consultant to interact with clients and contribute improve the devices.

These machines are able:

These are very practical and lightweight tools, easy to implement, ideal for geoscientists in hydrogeology, geotechnics, monitoring pipe and dam, ore exploration, archeology and lithological series analysis/correlation based on resistivity.

Their prices challenge any competition, ranging from 1063 to 7031 USD (during 2017), depending on the type of the 26 models currently existing.

For detailed information, demonstration and purchase please contact:

Dr A. Saadallah
I speak: Arabic, French, English & Norwegian
Misjonsveien 39, 4024 Stavanger,


+47 47270475
Mr Frank Lau
I speak: English & Chinese
QWT, BuildingA16, Jiahai Industrial Park, Zhongqing Road, Kaifu District, Changsha China


+ 86 13548970999
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